True High-Speed Internet for the Rural Community

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10:47AM May 11, 2019

Phil Hardin

Will services still be available even if you are in an area that hasn’t shown much demand? It sucks to be penalized just because folks around you may have other services or are not interested. I understand your full attention goes where there is more demand, that just makes logical sense. But some of us have been waiting and turned down by all the major internet suppliers and are in need of a company that considers all angles of situation. REMC is just about the last hope for some of us to receive high speed internet. It’s super hard looking out my living room window and seeing that high speed cable on the lines less than 500 feet from me and knowing that we probably won’t receive the offered services because our neighbors either have another provider or just aren’t interest in the service. it looks as if this was too good to be true, yet again. Our area is New Frankfort -Jack Morgan Road In Austin. I’m tired of giving Verizon money for deplorable service! Thank you for your time.

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6:53PM August 23, 2019

Laurie Tinsley
I have no choice but to use dish as my internet service...I also live in the New Frankfort zone. I use my hot spot on my cell phone most of the time since it is faster than dish, even when I run out of data usage. It is depressing how long it is taking for Jackson connect to get us up and running on high speed internet. Im actually considering selling my home and property and moving to an area that offers high speed internet. Im just not confident that high speed internet will be available here for a very long time. I guess my patience is running thin.

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4:13PM July 29, 2019

Michael Reed
Please expedite New Frankfort... Spectrum is the next road over but Sunnyside Rd has nothing....(except HughesNet which equals pretty much, nothing....)

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8:17AM June 21, 2019

Kaylee Bennett
Our service will be available to ALL members who wish to be connected. The % goal is for our information, it does not mean you have to reach a certain goal before we come to your zone.