True High-Speed Internet for the Rural Community

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4:40PM August 09, 2019

Verda Barrett

checking to see when the plans are to connect people on Shea Rd in Scott County? I am so excited to be able to get this! I have been on Dial up, satellite , and citizens broadband, we are now on ETC and it is by far the best we have ever had but we are paying almost 80.00 a month and that is limited! to have unlimited will be a blessing to us all! thank you! Verda Barrett

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7:47PM September 01, 2019

Laurie Tinsley
Checked in to see the progress on New Frankfort and WOW we were only at 16% (interest) last week and now at 39%. Yay!!!! I also cant wait for high speed internet Verda :) We are both going to be overly excited when we can get online and not have to wait for online website pages to load and get to watch videos without all the buffering.