True High-Speed Internet for the Rural Community

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5:18PM December 20, 2019

John Andrew

I live in the Hayden area (about 4 miles from Hayden). My only option for the internet is satellite which is very expensive, slow downloads, extremely slow uploads, limited to a monthly amount of data used, and only capable of running one device at a time without losing connection. I also recently installed security cameras that are very slow to stream live with satellite. My 2 year term with my provider ends Dec 29. I have been informed they have a 2nd satellite that offers 100 Mbps download vs the current 25 Mbps that I can get, but it costs about $60 more per month and requires a new 2 year contract. Before I make a decision on this new service and getting locked into a 2 year agreement, is there any chance REMC will have service to me prior to Dec 2021? Praying you will respond with yes.