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Fiber Questions and Answers

When is (insert address here) going to get service?

Currently, the Brownstown zone is eligible for service installation. Pleasant Grove and Cortland zones are currently in the Mainline Construction process and will be next for installation. Cortland is now taking appointments for pre-drops. has the zones and addresses, and by registering, a member can see which zone their address is in. On website, at the top of the homepage is a “Zones” tab- on this tab, members can see the level of member interest in each zone.

As for members asking when they are going to be installed, as they have already had their pre-drop survey completed, the Fiber Department and contractors are working together to increase efficiencies and decrease the time between the survey and installation. For more specific information regarding an installation at a specific address- the member can call the Fiber Department during business hours.

How much does it cost?

There are four plans- plan cost and information can be found on the website or in the fiber brochure (that will be available at the table). If a member has a question about which speed is right for them, it depends on what devices are being connected/how many/what types of things they’re doing. Ex: for a 2 person home, where neither party works from home and the internet is used for checking email, occasional games and Netflix/other streaming, the 50/50 package is probably going to be fine. If a person is running a business from home, or has multiple devices streaming at the same time, they may look at the 100/100 plan. The 1 GB service is typically for businesses- a usual home wouldn’t need that much. But after a service is installed, it is very easy to upgrade or downgrade the plan, just by calling the office.

Up front cost: since this is a PREPAID service, prior to service installation, the member must pay 2 times whatever package they chose.

How much does it cost to run the fiber to my home?

If you sign up during the phased build out, the installation is free. A $500 savings.

Does it come with a router? What if the service doesn’t reach all parts of my house?

Yes, a router is provided at no additional cost to the member with the service. However, if the router is damage/not returned to Jackson Connect after cancellation of service (in good condition) a fee would be charged to cover this cost. WiFi extenders are available if necessary at an additional monthly cost ($4.95/month). The pre-drop survey tech and installers can help with deciding if this would be necessary during their scheduled appointment times.

What if I’m building a new home and want internet service?

For specific information, contact Mark Smallwood or Alex Williams at the office.

Will the service work if the power goes out?

If there is an electric outage at your address, you will also lose internet service (because the router is run by electricity). If you have a battery backup for your router, the internet service will work (as long as the batteries last).

Website Questions:

I have no internet and can’t register! Feel free to call in to our office or come by the office to sign up if needed. 

I’m a member but the site couldn’t find my address!- Call the office and explain the issue- we can manually enter addresses. Then the office will let the member know they can now register.

I don’t have an email address!- You do need an email address to register. There isn’t a way around that to register on the website.

Are you offering telephone service? 

No. It would be more cost effective for our members to show how to sign up for telephone services through other providers such as ooma or vonage.

Are you offering television services?

No. With so many over the top television services available, it would be difficult for us to pick just one. But, we can help you choose the best option for you and your household.

My cell phone does not work at home. Can I do wi-fi calling on my cell phone?

Yes, it is a simple process to enable wi-fi calling on your cell phone, and it can save you money by dropping your land-line service, which in most cases can pay for the internet connection we provide.