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Fiber Update- August 8, 2018

3:16PM August 09, 2018

This week we have installed our 200th fiber service! Responses to the project are still positive, but one question that's asked a lot is: What exactly do I have to do to get Jackson Connect internet?

We've talked before about the phased approach of the project.  On the website (, you can register your address and see what zone you are located in, get information about which zones are in the upcoming phase, and be notified when your zone becomes in service.  But what happens after you register?  And what happens when your zone becomes in service?

After you register, if your zone is not currently in service, we will notify you, either by email or phone call when you can schedule your pre-drop survey.  You can call the office or look on the website for more information about the packages offered to be sure you select the one that's right for your family.  When you select your package when you registered, you haven't locked yourself into that option- you can change your mind at any time before or after the installation.  Also, internet service is a prepaid service, much like cell phone or television service.  While, at this time, there are no installation fees or deposits required, you will have to pay for 2 months of service when you schedule your installation.  This amount will show as a credit on your first bill.

If your zone is currently in service when you register, you can schedule your pre-drop survey right away!  One of our pre-drop survey technicians will come out to your home to make sure the installers have all the information they need for your fiber installation to happen as smoothly as possible.  The technicians will be able to make recommendations on where the modem should be located in your home, and if a wireless mesh booster would be necessary (in the case of large homes or outbuildings).  After the pre-drop survey is complete, a contractor crew will install the fiber drop to the house- this brings the fiber from the poles, underground, to your home.  This usually takes 6-8 weeks.  Once the drop has been installed, Jackson Connect will contact you to schedule your installation appointment.  

Once your service is installed, all that's left to do is enjoy!

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