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Fiber Update- October 29, 2018

3:08PM October 29, 2018

We announced today that the Cortland Zone is now open for pre-drop surveys! It's very exciting when we can open a new zone and move those members one step closer to having true high-speed, fiber-optic internet.  

But what about the rest?

A question we are asked frequently is "When will you be in my area?"  And for some zones, we can give a time frame.  But for others, we can't.  The reason for this is those areas designated as Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been approved by the board.  Any phases after that have not. 

So, which zones are in Phase 1 and Phase 2?

Phase 1 is the Brownstown zone.  Free installations are currently happening in this zone, but the free part is ending soon.  If you're in the Brownstown zone, schedule your installation by the end of the year to guarantee free installation.  And remember, you'll need a pre-drop survey completed first, so if you haven't registered on the website or started the process yet, don't wait!

Now for Phase 2. Pleasant Grove and Cortland zones are included in the phase- as mentioned above, all of the Cortland zone is now open for pre-drop surveys, and part of Pleasant Grove is open for pre-drop surveys as well.  Keep checking our social media pages for when the rest  of Pleasant Grove is ready! 

Little York West and Kossuth are also in Phase 2.  Mainline construction is almost complete in Little York West and has begun in Kossuth.  We are hopeful pre-drop surveys will be available by the end of the year, so stay tuned!

Finally, Spurgeon's Corner and a portion of Reddington are the final two zones in Phase 2.  Construction hasn't begun yet in these areas, but the current projection is all Phase 2 Mainline Construction should be complete and pre-drop surveys opened by the end of April 2019!

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